Thor Breaker of Brimstone Marvel Comics Premium Format Figur


  • Grymt läcker Thor staty på 65 cm!
  • Premium Sideshow samlarobjekt.
  • Prel leveransdatum juli 2019.

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Riktigt läcker Thor Breaker of Brimstone Marvel Comics Premium Format Figur från Sideshow på 65 cm!

The Thor: Breaker of Brimstone Premium Format™ Figure measures 65 cm tall, as Thor descends onto a Muspelheim-themed base, with plumes of lava erupting around the fire giant Surtur’s roaring skull. Thor wears sculpted Asgardian armor including his iconic winged helmet, wrist guards, scaled leg guards, knotted belts, and a black tunic detailed with realistic fabric-like textures. His regal red cape features weathering details and internal wiring for custom posing options. Thor, the Son of Asgard, has detailed musculature and a portrait with flowing blonde locks that captures his berserker fury. Thor is prepared to swing down the mystical hammer, which bears its famous enchantment etched into the side.

Product Size: 65 x 30 x 30 cm

Prel. leveransdatum juli 2019. Läs villkoren för preorders innan du bokar!

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