Ogrim – Warcraft The Beginning Staty


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From Gentle Giant LTD/3D Systems comes our amazing line of collectibles to celebrate the release of WARCRAFT! Warcraft utilizes the cutting edge of digital technology to bring the massively multilayer online role-playing game to life. Gentle Giant LTD/3D Systems has used cutting edge 3D sculpting and printing to bring this amazing series of collectibles to life as well.

From Gentle Giant LTD/3D Systems comes Durotan’s most trusted ally, torn between duty to his chieftain and loyalty to the hord, ORGRIM! This incredible statue was created using digital files provided by Legendary Pictures. This stunning, screen accurate statue has been replicated in every detail, and will be hand casted, hand painted and include a hand numbered edition size.

Product weight: 1600 gram(s)
Product size: 210 mm x 330 mm x 330 mm (LxWxH)


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